TOC Systems Team Innovations in Water & Gas Analysis

1970    TOC Systems Team initiated; organized/owned Astro International Corp.

1971    First truly continuous TOC

1972    First non-catalytic High Temperature Combustion TOC

1973    First “salt trap” in combustion TOC

1976    First TOC specific NDIR

1981    First NDIR explosion-proof hazardous gas detector

1982    First UV/Heated Persulfate process TOC

1984    First TOC analyzer to use desktop computer

1985    First TOC analyzer for NASA space program

1997    First TOC analyzer to use onboard PC

1998     First dual-NDIRs / dual Reactors in a TOC

1999    First combination (5-method) Benchtop TOC

                First Microsoft Windows-CE computer use on Process TOCs

                First to have ALL Methods of TOC analysis in Single Analyzer

2000    First pump-less process TOCs

2002    Introduced Bench-Top Semi-Automatic TOC

2003    Introduced line of OEM NDIRs

2004    Acquired El Paso Stripper Company (VOC)

2005    Introduced Windows-CE based Phosphate analyzer

2006    Introduced NeSSi compatible NDIRs

2008    Introduces first truly continuous Ozone Promoted/Hydroxyl Radical TOC

2008    Introduces first Process Dual Oxidation Methods TOC.

PRESENT - Only company with integral Microsoft Windows-CE Computer & all TOC methods PLUS connectivity with other water & gas analyzers

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