HOW TOC / BOD / COD Correlation Works




  1. Collect “grab samples” from analyzer and press “Store TOC” button. Initially, a number of samples should be taken over a 30 day period for best results.
  2. Send “grab samples” to lab for BOD or COD analysis.
  3. Enter BOD or COD values as prompted by the Windows CE computer, after receiving lab results.
  4. Thereafter organic values are displayed in units of choice (TOC, BOD, COD, or all 3 simultaneously).

Comparison Data (download):

On-Line Analysis of Organics in Water (technical paper)

TOC/BOD/COD/TOD Relationships

Waste Water Application

Download the Brochure

Available on the following models:

StarTOC UV/Heated Persulfate

High Temperature Combustion

StarTOC Ozone Promoted/Hydroxyl Radical Oxidation

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