Pre-Engineered On-Line System Packages and Enclosures

TOC Systems also provides pre-engineered and custom systems, including small shelters with all utilities installed and ready to be delivered to your site.


Offering Complete Analyzer & Sample Systems
  • Effluent Monitoring

  • Waste Treatment

  • Process Monitoring

  • Panels & Small Shelters

  • Custom Packages


The use of an onboard Microsoft Windows CE computer platform is a TOC Systems exclusive feature. By harnessing the power and flexibility of the most well-known operating system in the world, TOC Systems is able to offer advanced features such as networking, virtually unlimited data storage, programming flexibility, and much more.


  • Paperless Chart Recorder
  • PCMCIA Slot
  • Solid-State Data Storage
  • Touch Screen
  • VGA Color Display
  • Network Ready
Computer Specifications

With advanced networking and communication capabilities, the TOC Systems Analyzer can become an information hub for many different aspects of your analysis.

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